Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD+ on Apple Arcade — Fun, Quick Tower Defense With Annoying Final Boss

love the path based tower defense games. screenshot from iPad Mini

I have confessed my love for tower defense many times before. I was surprised that such a solid, and popular tower defense franchise is now part of Apple Arcade.

If anything, this game makes me want to explore this franchise on other platforms, perhaps on PC. My understanding is there is a Kingdom Rush game also available for purchase on iPhone and Steam. I might check that out.

No Learning Curve

the cave levels are spooky and challenging

Perhaps because I am already a tower defense veteran, or the game design is so good, it took me no time at all to get into this game. In fact, everything about the game (except the final boss level, which I write about below), is extremely smooth. The game is optimized like crazy so it does not drain the battery all that much. The music is great (although I turned it off to listen to my own music on Apple Music or just play it silently) and the sound effects are really good.

Towers upgrade at regular intervals and so do the villains. The balance of the game is fantastic. Yes, as is my style, given my age and reduced reflexes, I played in casual mode. I only failed a couple of times, but once I figured out the controls (and enemy surprises), I was able to get 3 stars everytime. Ultimately, victory is rewarded only when you match the game with the right towers, placement and also some additional items from the wizard shop.

Once again, the balance of the game is fantastic. A tower defense game should always put just enough challenge so you keep playing and not quit half way.

There is also an element of field units in the game. I was not expecting that. Usually, in a TD game, you place the towers and pray. Here, you have champions, soldiers on the unit whom you have some control over. It’s a nice change from the usual TD fare. It made an already fast game, even faster.

The Annoying Final Boss

I gave up at the last ten minutes of the game. That blue boss is a pain.

The only thing I hate about this game, and it did leave a bad taste in mouth, is the final level. Unlike everything that came before it, the final level, is a two parter.

Ther first part is a proper major climax of everything the came before. It’s long, intense and powerful. Thanks to the practice from all the levels prior, I was ready mentally and physically (tower defense games can be straining on you). I defeated all the minions.

Then, I took on the boss, and defeated him too.

Then, ah! The boss started reincarnating. I defeated him and he kept coming back. So, yeah, that was annoying as well. I wish this final boss was not there or there was an easier way to defeat the boss. I was unable to defeat him and after a while, I stopped caring about defeating him.

Final Note

3 stars for sure

The final boss was maddening. I like to finish the games I play. However, sometimes, it’s not in the stars.

That’s okay. We dont have to win everytime. This is a great tower defense game for those who are already into tower defense. However, if you are new, not sure if this will pull you in.

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