Liger — Unintentional Comedy Gold

He is an handsome guy for sure.

I totally relish the sight of a young, attractive woman in skimpy clothing. Yet, I had to fast forward all Ananya Pandey scenes. Despicable as I am, even I have limits.

A few years ago, I remember reading an article about Devarakonda, and how he has been hired by Bollywood for some big budget action romance movie. I was surprised. Back then, my wife was still on talking terms with me, and we went and watched this movie called, ‘Dear Comrade’.

That comrade movie was awful. It was not just me. Even my wife thought so, and she is far less opinionated.

Anyway, I was happy for this guy. He is a good-looking guy, and he is one of those actors who has risen. It’s nice that we get to have some South Indian (I am also South Indian) guy making some big budget Bollywood movies in the north.

Then, I saw the announcement poster, the movie title…something wasn’t right.

the movie does provide for equal fanservice of both male and female leads

This is the same director who made the incredibly fun, self aware masala movie called, ‘Pokiri’. I have watched the Pokiri movie, multiple times, in every language it was remade into. Seriously, this guy is a good director.

I had a bad feeling that this movie will be terrible. Then again, I am getting old, so what do I know.

Now, having watched this movie, I can see that they have made an unintentionally funny movie that kept me laughing at every scene. I got so many questions.

1. What is going on with Ananya Pandey’s character? She has been reduced to a doll and given such terrible lines. Every actor suffers here, but Ananya has been unintentionally burdened with the worst plot line and unlikeable character arc.

2. That loud music? Why is every scene filled with background score that is turned up to eleven?

3. The editing? Why are there a dozen cuts for every scene. This is Taken 3, jumping over fence, level of cutting and editing. Even the fight scenes are not spared. They make an already bad movie, worse.

4. The tonal shifts. One moment, the camera is hovering intently at Ananya Pandey’s shapely legs, and next moment, we must hear the mom character go off rails about money, life and hardships. This happens frequently, throughout the movie. It’s disturbing.

5. This applies to songs as well. They seem to have shot after the fact and inserted wherever convenient with no regard to the narrative.

6. Also, as far as I know, India does not have a real MMA scene at all. I cannot relate to it. Why not karate or boxing or even wrestling? Far more relatable.

7. The movie sort of ends, like the story wraps up around the 1-hour mark. Yet, it goes on for another hour or something. Then, it starts a new plot, and it gets even more comedic.

8. At one point, Liger’s mom shouts at him to get up after collapsing. The problem is, she is not ring side. She is sitting thousands of miles away, at her home, screaming at TV. Even in a movie this jarring, this was, out of character for the director.

9. That bizarre kidnapping plot and tomfoolery climax!

10. Finally, how is it heroic for a young man in his prime to beat up an out of shape former fighter in his 50s?

he sure likes his tight shorts.

All said and done, perhaps, the biggest loss here is Devarakonda. I am sure, he made some money here, but a young, handsome actor with so much potential wasting his time and talents like this.

That is the true tragedy in this comedy.

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