Mac Mini M1 or Intel NUC? I went with intel.

The engine that powers my work. Photo by Vijayasimha BR on Unsplash

intel NUC and Mac Mini cost about the same money. However, I eventually, decided to go with intel. I still like Apple for phone and tablets.

Now that my financial situation is slowly improving, I need to start upgrading all my ageing computer equipment. Both my laptops are old. My backup PC is old. My tablet is old. My phone is old. God. However, god’s blessings, touch wood, most of them are still working. So, I just have enough time over the next six months to replace them slowly.

Unfortunately for me, the only new computer that I was able to afford in the last three years, my Zotac RTX 3060, is having problems

Read about that here: RTX 3060 and The Five Stages of Grief

So, my planned purchase of new computers had to be preponed. Over the last few years, I have grown extremely bored and dissapointed with the compromises that come with laptops. So, it’s going to PCs only from now on, despite the added inconvenience, especially when you consider the power supply situation in India.

My RTX is heading to repairs next week. It will come back, eventually, but, I figured, I cannot buy another “gaming desktop”. So, I need a ‘backup desktop’. My choices boiled down to the ‘Mac Mini’ and a ‘intel NUC’.

They both come with similar ports, speed and what not. For a desktop computer, all those ‘Apple’ conveniences dont make much of a difference. Eventually, it boiled down to the lack of support for Windows which helped me make the final decision.

Previously, Apple used to have a feature called Bootcamp. M1 Chip, unfortunately, cannot and will never support that. Also, I cannot justify spending 250 dollars, just to get an extra 8 GB of RAM. Come on man! That’s malarkey.

So, here we go. the intel NUC is ordered, and it’s on the way. Hope it works out for me.

A sequel to this is now available. Mac Mini M1 or Intel NUC? I went with intel : Part 2 — Setting It Up

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