Mac Mini M1 or Intel NUC? I went with intel : Part 2 — Setting It Up

It’s so tiny.

There are days when technology scares me. Other times, it fills me with wonder. Today, it’s the latter.

Right then, thanks to the burden of living in one of the largest and most modern cities in India, the intel NUC was delivered to me in less than 12 hours of ordering. It’s pretty cool. Especially compared to having to wait 3 to 7 days back when I was living in my home town and small village.

This is a sequel to : Mac Mini M1 or Intel NUC? I went with intel.

Same Day Delivery. Man, it’s the stuff of dreams.

Right then. As always, I continue to get excited like a little boy anytime I order a new gadget. This is, after all, the first time I own a intel NUC. Always wanted one. So, yes, this is another one of those childhood dreams come true.

Cable Missing!

Right off the bat, I was setup for a disappointment. The NUC kit does not include the power brick! At first, I panicked. Then, I realized that this was not an accident but an intentional situation. I quickly realized that, wait, the power brick is the same one that is shipped with basic model laptops.

I quickly did a google map search and found that there is a computer repair shop, only 5 minutes away. I called up that guy, and he said, he can come to my home in 2 minutes. And, as promised, he showed up!

Boom! Power Cable issue solved.

Next, comes the assembly. The NUC kit is similar to the Zotac Mini RTX 3060 PC. The RTX 3060 is now packed and ready to go for repairs next week. So, I pulled out the SSD and memory stick, and pushed into the new intel NUC. After that, I plugged in the HDMI cable to the existing monitor.

It’s on!

Before the delivery, I had already visited the Microsoft Windows website, and had a ‘installation USB media’ prepared and ready to roll. Installation, as per the latest windows standards, was a breeze. The whole thing was done in a matter of minutes, and now, I am typing this post from the new intel NUC.

A few months ago, I purchased the legit, original license from Microsoft from the Windows Store. It took a few steps, but I was able to transfer the license from the old, now dead RTX 3060 PC, to this new one.

I started installing all my usual developer tools.

  1. GitHub and GitBash
  2. VS Community and VS Code.
  3. Firefox and additional browsers. For daily use, I actually like using edge.

What Next?

Ah! I dunno. Although I have always had plenty of bad luck in my personal life, when it comes to computers, touch wood, god’s blessings, I have had less issues. In fact, in all these years, the RTX 3060 computer is the first one to die on me, so fast.

So, fingers crossed for the new intel NUC. And also, hoping that the RTX returns to me from repairs very soon.

I work as a full time freelance coding tutor. Hire me at UpWork or Fiverr or Stack Overflow. My personal website is here. Find more of my art at Behance and Unsplash. Also, I have a Podcast about everyday life. And, a 2nd Podcast, where I talk about freelancing.



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