Mac Mini M1 or Intel NUC? I went with intel : Part 3 — First Impressions

still using the same image. It’s good enough.

Spent all night with the new computer. It’s always exciting to play around with a new computer. Here are my impressions.

For years now, when it comes to daily drivers, I have preferred computers that have i3 Processor. The 2 Macbook Air computers from the last 5 years. That basic Dell that I used for a couple of years some time ago. Along with this, I also used a gaming ‘beast’ PCs which had a dedicated GPU and all that.

So, I wanted to do see if this time, it will be any better. It was already better. Now, I have added 32 GB of RAM. I have super fast SSDs. and NUCs are optimized like crazy, I assume.

I installed the extremely long list of developer tools that I use for my life. I cannot list all of them here. Sorry. It’s a very long list. I mean, I do both NODE JS and .NET. That’s double the tools, double the headache and double the technology stack.

Then, I decided to fire up all these tools, all at once, and started doing some coding work. Work that I have to do for a client anyway. And, the intel NUC, so far, keeping it up. It’s still only a i3 Processor. But, I believe, the super fast M2 SSD and 32 GB RAM is really making things run super fast.

I must note that, the intel NUC only makes sense for those who have money. I decided to save 100 $ by buying a 10th gen model. Then, I had to spend a small fortune for the 32 GB RAM and the super fast 500 GB M2 SSD. On top of the, the money I had to pay for the original windows license.

Final Note

It all adds up. So, based on my story so far.

  1. You want a portable machine that you can carry around. I mean, this thing is smaller than the iPad Mini.
  2. You dont mind spending so much money on what is a low end i3 machine.
  3. You are perfectly okay to assume the existence of a Monitor, Keyboard, Speakers wherever you travel for work.
  4. Also, have power back up. I mean, you cannot have your desktop shutting down every time there is a power cut, especially in India.

Then, sure, for all intentions and purposes, do what I did, and get this bad boy.

I work as a full time freelance coding tutor. Hire me at UpWork or Fiverr or Stack Overflow. My personal website is here. Find more of my art at Behance and Unsplash. Also, I have a Podcast about everyday life. And, a 2nd Podcast, where I talk about freelancing.



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