Mortal Kombat (2021) — Kool Aktion!

Hiroyuki Sanada is awesome! source

Hiroyuki Sanada is a awesome actor. Part of the collection of the most awesome actors. You see him and you immediatly know that he is going to play a serious role that carries a lot of weight. Having him play Scorpion was the best decision WB made when casting this action spectacle.

I am an 80s/90s kid, so, I remember Mortal Kombat. I grew up playing video games, and yes, I did play Mortal Kombat. Fatalities!!! I liked it when the announcer person says that in every match. Of course, the immortal ‘come over here’ line too.

Nostalgia! The rescuer from all that is bad about this ongoing pandemic.

Anyway, going on, I did not have too many expectations for this movie. I have not watched the cult classic 1990s Mortal Kombat. Further, I havent played a fighting game in a long time. I recognise a lot of these characters. Now, I can see with confidence, this was a really good movie. It sags every now and then, but, it’s tightly done.

Colorful Characters

Throw that helmet Kung Lao! source

This is an ensemble movie about good and evil, with both sides filled with ton of characters. In movies like this, it’s essential that each of them is memorable so you remember them. Although the movie does not spend enough time with the villains (Other than Sub-Zero and Goro, I cannot name anyone else), the heoric side has many characters and all of them get moments to shine.

Dax with his metallic arm things. Sonya Blade with her raw, brutal moves. Kano is an amazing, likeable villain guy with quotable and funny lines. Kung Lao with his boomerang style helmet slash shield thing. Liu Kang with his superb muscle bending and fire powers.

Then, there is the incredibly powerful and villainous Sub Zero. I am sure, he’s not dead. I am sure he will come back. That guy has survived hundreds of years. I am sure, in this universe, people can always come back. Lastly, just when I thought I am not going to see Hiroyuki Sanada again, he comes back as Scorpion. Oh yes, that is awesomeness right there. All because of the incredible Mr. Hiroyuki Sanada.

Burtal Bloddy Kombat

Sonya Blade can kick anyone’s ass! source

The movie does not fall short on brutal kombat. I recently watched Raid Redemption and Raid 2. Of course, you also have movies like John Wick. These are movies that show brutal, gore filled action. Mortal Kombat matches those movies.

They dont have to go too far to find inspiration.

As I type this, there have been more than 11 games in the Mortal Kombat games. I am happy to report that movie retains many of the finishing moves, with voice over, no less. The story implies that Cole Young is the main hero, but I found him boring. His fight scenes are very dull, even when he is fighting Goro, the 4 hand monster. His powers are also lame.

He is the weakest part of the movie.

Everybody else is awesome, so are there training and fight scenes. The real VIPs of the movie are Scorpio, Sub-Zero, Kung Lao and Sonya Blade. Sonya, is a certified bad ass! I am also happy that the movie did not the do that Girl Vs Girl fight. Thank god for that. I also like how Sonya Blade earns her Kombat mark by defeating a truly unworthy bad guy.

Final Note

Crazy Kano. source

One would assume that a movie and video game about characters ripping each others spine would not have much of a story. I did assume that. Actually, there is a lot of mythology here. World building, good versus evil, neutral gods, rules and regulations. It’s all here. Ton of character development too.

I cannot beleive that a fighting game movie has such a good story! It’s unbelievable. There should have been more Hiroyuki Sanada. Not a complain, but, more of a preference.

The movie almost makes me want to install Mortal Kombat 11 on my Xbox. It’s that good.

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