Moving Your Windows Store Purchased Windows 10 or Windows 11 License To a New PC

Ah! The elusive windows license.

About 6 months ago, I purchased a proper Windows license from the Microsoft Store for my RTX 3060 Zotac gaming PC. I am sure, there are always alternative ways to do this, but, I figured, nah. I make so much money from my computers, and from Microsoft .NET, ah, I feel like I owe Microsoft the license money.

So, yes, bought it from the Microsoft Store.

Then, this week, my RTX died. It’s now on the way to the repairs.

RTX 3060 and The Five Stages of Grief | by Jay | The Sanguine Tech Trainer | Jul, 2022 | Medium

So, I decided to get myself a replaced desktop.

Mac Mini M1 or Intel NUC? I went with intel. | by Jay | The Sanguine Tech Trainer | Jul, 2022 | Medium

Then, it hit me. Hold on, I dont have to buy another license. I already have one. For whatever reason, windows did not automatically detect my license. I assumed it would.

Eventually, this is what worked.

  1. Wait for windows to complain that the license is not present.
  2. Troubleshoot.
  3. (Main Thing) Choose the option that says, ‘I have added new hardware or changed my motherboard’.
  4. Then, you will get a prompt that shows your ‘old’ PC. In my case, windows showed my RTX 3060 PC.
  5. I selected it, and the license immediately transferred to this new PC.

Boom. That’s it.

Still, I wished, it was less confusing. I like the Adobe licensing system. It automatically detects and tells me to ‘deactivate’ an older computer and activates the new computer.

At least, I did not have spend hours with customer support.

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