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Although I have had Apple TV+ since its launch in India, I have mostly been ignoring it. I had Netflix and Hotstar, which took up all my time. Then, I cancelled both of them, and now, limiting myself to Prime Video and Apple TV+. A few months ago, I binge watched the entire first season of Mythic Quest. I liked it. It was like The Office (my favorite TV show). Ian and Poppy remind me of Michael Scott, a lot!

I had a good time. Now, season 2, I still had a good time.

Some spoilers ahead.

Less Comedy More Drama


To me, season 1 was a full on comedy. Lot of laughs with a little bit of drama. Season 2, goes in a slighty different direction. There are still laughs to be had. There is an occasional joke. The characters, as with any sitcom, have impossible character flaws, allowing themselves to be butt of jokes. You cannot escape.

However, there is a lot of heart in this season. The show still does not address the problems that plague the video game industry — overworked employees, employee harassment, big money from big giant companies, exploitation of children’s addictiveness with lootboxes and so on. They did not do it in season 1. They did not do it here in season 2.

Perhaps, because of the pandemic, there are less people on the screen. Social distancing is on, of course. Most of the time, all the characters are spaced out, only one person is shown on screen. There are almost zero crowd scenes. I suppose this is how, everything is going to be for a while. One episode, is essentially a bottle episode that takes place in a room with just the main cast.

It’s jarring to watch. However, that’s post pandemic TV show. After a while, my mind just got used to it. Not a complain. An observation of the state of things.

Longbottom’s Peter — True Tearjerker


For some reason, in season 1 and season 2, I ended up getting attached the old guy, Logbottom. He reminds me of my grandfather. I like Sci-Fi authors and their works, 70s and 80s.

This show has the usual story arcs. Ian and Poppy’s leadership dilemma. The romance and the inevitable break up of Rachel and Dana. David’s continued descent into the ultimate doormat in the universe. I found these story arcs repitative and uninspired. They are well acted and all that, but I have seen these things before.

Also, just like Season 1, there is a ‘legacy’ flashback episode. I hate flashbacks, even though, it is about my favorite Longbottom character. I skimmed through it. I cannot sit through another 40 minutes of flashback for a two second payoff.

But, the show hits its highest emotional peak with the episode, ‘Peter’. Longbottom decides to meet his old friend Peter. Some fued from decades ago. William Hurt is the Peter guy. The entire episode is so well shot, well acted, and the chemistry between the two old guys is so good. I got sad. I almost cried. Very good episode.

Final Note


As the final episode drops its curtain, I felt like, they are winding down. In fact, I would be okay if this is the final season. I dont know what else they can do with the video game setting. A lot of episodes were stretching thin on tiny ideas. The characters have no room to grow, at all. Most of their issues resolved or sorted.

There is nowhere else to go for this show, and I would be very happy if this is wrapped up, here and now. They should quit when the going is good.

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