Physical on Apple TV Plus — Meandering Show With An Unlikable Protagonist

If she were outright evil, and proud of it, it would have been a much better show. source

My theory is, the producers of this show wanted to create the most unliveable female protagonist they could conjure up. I think the idea started with the character first. A female character in the 80s who has a nice life. However, she is endlessly unsatisfied with all the things she has. She complains about everything and mocks everybody around her.

She will treat her husband, friends, co-workers like dirt. Yet, some who she will paint herself as a victim. Then, she will emerge a winner, and is no longer, a victim.

Once the character itself was finalised, the remaining plot was put in place, no matter how non-sensual, boring and plot hole filled it is.

I don’t wish to go on a deep rant here. Every episode is a remix of the previous episode. A easily overcome roadblock is placed in front of our heroine. She overcomes them with little difficult, but she ensures that we, the audience, knows that she is truly a victim, and no other woman has to go through what she is going through.

And, what is the deal with the eating disorder thing? She spends hundreds of dollars to eat food naked in a hotel room, but looks like a super model? How are we supposed to buy that she actually has a disorder.

Her middle aged husband, appears middle aged. Oh my god! She is such a victim of…being with a middle aged husband.

Oh no, another parent at the school wants to be friends with her. Oh, the horror of friendship. That has victimisation written all over it!

An young woman is trying to build her own business. Why not steal all her ideas, and become famous, and then put that young woman out of business…because, ultimately, our heroine is a victim…of…something. So, to overcome being a victim, she must lie and cheat and start victimising others.

That’s justice…I guess.

Final Note

Rose Byrne is hot. However, only showing the men’s asses is just unfair. show her ass too, please.

Rose Byrne is hot and talented. Her character, though, they should make her outright evil and just stop with the victim. You are steamrolling everyone around, woman. Why don’t you just acknowledge it and take things to the next level.

As I have mentioned before, if you are looking for a show about a selfish, soul sucking protagonist who refuses to acknowledge it, then, this is the show for you.

You should also be looking for repetitive, dull and uninteresting characters with no plot of any kind, of course. You have that too, here.

Everybody else can move on to something better.

If you are looking for a proper villain protagonist movie, watch any of the classic bond movies. World is Not Enough featuring the wonderful, sexy and super evil Sophie Marceau as Elektra King. This woman is the king and queen of all bond villains. Using everything she has to achieve her goals. She is a true villain.

Or Watchmen. The last few Harry Potter movies, with the Voldemort scenes. Basic Instinct, of course, including the inferior sequel.

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