Previous Clients, Thank You For The Financial Aid

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I work as a full time freelancer developer and tutor. Right now, I am struggling to make ends meet. Last year, I was without any work for almost 8 months, despite being a remote worker in IT. The world economy simply collapsed. When everybody sits at home, there is no work to go around for a freelancer.

Fortunately, work started trickling down from January, but most of the money is going towards paying for debt from last year. I was blessed with twin babies last year. Of course, that blessing comes with huge medical expenses.

Here in my country, India, things were looking up. I started getting hopeful. March of this year, business were reopening. I was getting some work enquiries again.

Then, came the Apocalypse. People dying, due to lack of oxygen. As I type this, my state of Karnataka is under total lockdown.

I got desperate to shore up funds for possible medical expenses. Reached out to my freelancer clients, current and past. Two of them responded immediately and sent me money over. Both of them are old clients from more than 18 months ago. A current client agreed to increase the prices so it helps me tide over the challenges.

Ultimately, I am just trying to say thank you. So, my clients, past and present, thank you so much for helping me with financial aid. From me, my wife and my two babies.

Thank you so much.

Update 1

Another client, a long time student who takes classes at the middle of the night, helped out with a bonus this week. Thank you so much to this client as well.

I work as a full time freelance software developer and coding tutor. Hire me at UpWork or Fiverr. My personal website is here. I also have a Podcast. Thanks for reading.



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Freelance Tutor — Coding, Generative Art and Photoshop. Full Name : Vijayasimha BR