Reacher — Season 1 on Prime Video — Mountain Moves Gently

I like This New Reacher. I liked the Tom Cruise version too. source

As a huge fan of Tom Cruise, I lapped up both of his Jack Reacher movies. I found out later, that, in the source material, Reacher is a huge guy. Tom Cruise is a crazy, good looking, building climbing, helicopter flying badass guy.

He is short though. Like, very short.

I can see why the movies were ignored or even despised by long term fans. It also felt like the movies would have been better off as a TV series.

So, here we are. Reacher. The TV Show. For a change, Prime Video dropped all episodes on day 1. Thank you Prime video.

Huge, Massive Guy

Built Like A Mountain

From the poster to every piece of marketing, the emphasis is that Mr. Reacher, is a huge, massive guy. And, he is! He has to be. Every character has it’s unique features. Indiana Jones has his, making things up as he does things, never planning ahead. James Bond has his loyalty to his job, and endless womanizing and death wish.

Our guy is huge, has no home and has no fear. I like it. Those who listen to my podcast know that, I am something of a ‘without home’ guy, myself. I probably liked Reacher so much because of this trait of his. Constantly going from place to place, never settling down, never making any friends. It’s a lonely life.

However, on the plus side, there are a lot of adventures.

Obviously, Alan Ritchson, carries the entire show on his incredible, big shoulders. I remember seeing him that old TV show, about teenage Superman. Also, in one of the Hunger Games. He appears to be a good actor, or, I would not remember this actor from all those minimal roles from shows or movies that I watched years ago. He is good. You like him instantly. I know, I did.

His big size is a huge part of the story. The drama is nothing earth shaking. At this point of my life, you see the story unfolding with all it’s twists and tropes, minutes or hours before it unfolds. So, I am looking for a serviceable story, with good action, expected standards of acting and plausible drama. Having already seen the Tom Cruise movies, I knew what to expect.

The show delivers. It’s occasionally funny. The cast is good. For a show about a one man army, there are some well written female characters. The villains are good too. This is not a villain focus franchise, so, we don’t spend much time with them. Still, they are faceless and nameless mooks who do what they are supposed to do. There is no shaky cam, and I like that.

Final Note


I must add that, Willa Fitzgerald, is a tough bird, and extremely cute and attractive. She is a good change of pace with all the macho stuff going on around here. She is also a tight cop with excellent survival skills and stands her own. I liked her character too.

A nice balance to Reacher.

I am definitely looking forward to the next season. There are lot of books in this series, and I hope, like Columbo, this goes on forever.

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