RIP, Kevin Conroy, Batman Voice Guy.

Ah. This dude is no more. source.

I am Vengeance. I am the Night. I am Batman. If not for Kevin Conroy’s inspiring voice, I would have never learnt English. Thanks for teaching me a critical skill that today pays my bills, and an unmentionable amount of personal life benefits.

Ah. It’s sad man.

Growing up in India, at least, in the 90s, it was almost impossible to learn English without getting affected by the thick Indian accent. Further, I was born to a lower caste family, and we were dirt poor. There was nobody around me who could teach me how to speak English.

Even if they did, it was not the English I wanted.

Coming to my rescue was American media. Comic Books helped me learn to read English, but not speaking.

That is where, Cartoon Network, and the Batman Animated Series from the 90s came to my rescue. Every day, I would sit and watch Batman. There were only so many episodes, and that means, the TV would repeat the episodes, allowing me to listen, memorize and by heart to speak like batman.

Conroy made my childhood. That nice voice. So powerful and gentle and funny and heartwarming. It was also inspiring and helped me survive my terrible, terrible childhood which was filled with everything from bullying to parental abandonment, malnutrition and weak health and fitness.

Thank you, Batman Voice Guy. Rest in Peace.

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