Surviving Mars — Mohole Mine is the key

loading screen. but you can actually get visuals like this in the game

Why Mohole?

ah! Mohole, you beauty on Mars.

Getting to Mohole Fast

  1. As much as possible, focus building all colonies near rare metal deposits. Export as much as you can, get loads of money.
  2. Use the money to buy all your resources, including, even food. More importantly, keep outsourcing research so you research keeps going at full speed.
  3. Focus your research on the “Robotics” branch. Just keep digging down in that branch till you get to Mohole.
  4. As you get closer to Mohole in the research tree, start importing all the necessary things from earth — 400 Concrete, 100 Metals and 300 Mechanical Parts.
  5. As you are collecting and storing the necessary things, pick a nice place away from your colonies, build up your power supply, storage space and some 20 drones ready to roll.

Final Note



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