The AfterParty on Apple TV Plus — Fun Locked Room Mystery

Colorful show with a vibrant cast. source

I will say it right away. This is an amazing series on Apple TV+. I have not had this much fun since I watched Ted Lasso, which remains the finest show that Apple has to offer. After Party does not reach the emotional heights of Lasso.

It tries, but, it’s really hard to hit emotional notes when you are constantly trying to parody both reunion movies and murder mystery movies.

Also, some pacing issues with less interesting characters who are not that cool or that essential.

Locked Room Mystery

shedding a light.

I am huge fan of the mystery detective genre. Sherlock Holmes got me into it. I remember watching this one story by Agatha Christie, Then There Were None. I got hooked on it. Also, the train movie, Orient Express, both the classic one and the new one that came a few years ago.

I also enjoyed the parodies such as Clue and Murder by Death, two classic movies I strongly recommend.

So, yes, we have a locked room mystery. These days, it’s hard to take murder mysteries seriously. Unless it has some ongoing hype like Gone Girl, it’s impossible to make. One could say, the genre is dead. Fortunately, there seems to some kind of a phase we are going through right now.

Murder Mysteries, especially the locked room type, is making a comeback.

That is what we have here. At a high school reunion, the most popular guy but formerly nerdy idiot, has been killed. This is after all, a high school reunion. Everybody had grudges with everybody for some reason, especially about the dead famous man. Then, there is the under-appreciated police detective with an unusual approach to problem solving.

A fake deadline is built into the story to add in a sense of urgency.

The setup is good. It’s very good and it’s filled with well written characters and excellent casting. A lot of these are familiars from other TV shows. That’s another thing that makes this story work. A problem with a lot of streaming shows, including those from Apple TV+, is that they have one recognisable actor and with everybody else being strangers.

There are budgetary reasons for doing this, but, it makes watching these shows jarring.

Either have all unknown actors, or, having known actors. Please. So, this show, for a change, gets the casting just about right.

Episodic Fun

i like this actress but her episode was dull.

As with any mystery story about a murder, it all boils down to one-on-one interviews and seeing the story from different perspectives. A good murder mystery gives just enough clues so that a clever viewer will crack the mystery with available day. Perhaps, as a way of reward. I myself, am not smart, so, despite the obvious clues, I did not figure out the killer.

Although, without spoiling anything, there was a moment of ‘orgy of evidence’ against one specific character. At that moment, I thought, I have found the killer. However, I was binge watching and the story is so colourful and fun, I kept thinking that, in a weird twist, the murder was just an accident. Turns out, that character with the evidence of orgy was indeed the killer.

I got close. Very close to solving this before the reveal.

There is no ass pull though. It’s all done as logical one could get done, given the format.

I liked most of the episodes. I liked the episode about the geeky guy who could not seal the deal, physically or emotionally, with this hot lab partner. There is the cheating husband, trying to rebuild and reconnect wit his ex using insane antics. I liked that episode too. I also enjoyed the cartoon filled, emotional disorder episode.

Unfortunately, the episode dedicated to the detective herself makes no sense in the story. I skipped it almost immediately. Equally dull is the episode about the fallen star who now has an insane drinking problem and other psychological issues.

I will highlight that, befitting the actor, the episode of Ben Schwartz is my most favourite episode. This actor is amazing. Of course, like so many of his type, he is good in small doses. I remember enjoying every scene of his in Parks and Recreation and other movies. He is a fun guy to be around. As a pleasant bonus, his episode turns into a musical. I like musicals, especially when they are well done and have just the right amount of energy.

I can see myself enjoying Schwartz’s episode again and again when I am bored. After all, I do have a habit of watching the same show again and again.

Perhaps, as a meta irony, the forgettable guy’s episode is actually forgettable.

Final Note

After a long gap, we finally have another show that justifies the surprisingly low price that Apple India charges for Apple TV+.

I had a lot of fun binge watching it. I would recommend skipping the episode about the police detective and also the drinking late.

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