The Batman Continues To Look Great

It looks good. source

March is almost here. I do not know what will be status of the 3rd wave here in India in March. As I type this, a lot of my business related projects have been paused or postponed due to the ongoing 3rd wave. I have not gone outside in more than 2 weeks.

I have been living in the city to drum up some business activities, but, I am returning to my home town. Reading the news around the world, it appears like the 3rd wave is not as dangerous as the 2nd wave. There are no news reports of endless death.

Looking at countries all over the world, while the case load is high, deaths are in reduced numbers. I do feel that, the 3rd wave and future waves will be less severe. I keep hearing the word endemic, more frequently these days.

That is another reason, why, I am excited for The Batman. I have written about The Batman before.

I have only been to the movies, the one time in the last two years.

I was happy to be in a movie theater, but, the movie itself was bad. Then, I was about to go and watch Spiderman, but had to cancel as the 3rd wave stared immediately.

So, I want to watch something, and hopefully in IMAX from a director who has made good movies and only good movies for the last 10 years. That is where Matt Reeves’s The Batman is so exciting. As of now, there have been three trailers and one costume teaser. Each of them are extremely brutal, catchy and remind me a lot of BatBale and BatKeaton.

I would be biased if I don’t mention that there is a sense of sameness to this new Batman. It’s almost like it is a prequel to Nolan’s trilogy (without the ear hurting sound issues) and a prequel to the Burton movies. Like a mix of old and new. Further, Battison is no where as well built as Bale was. He is also taller, but perhaps, not as tall as Clooney.

I like the new CatWoman. Thanks to decades of comic books with big boobz, its hard to picture her with regular sized breasts, but it is what it is. I remember the first time, I saw BatBale, and he looked just as bulky as his comic book counterpart. I also am glad, Riddler is here, although, he is too serious for my taste. I would have preferred a silly riddler.

Then, there is the Penguin. The presence of Penguin + Cat Woman + Skinny Bat is what gives this movie serious Batman Returns vibes.

Final Note

Evening Commissioner.

Since Avengers Endgame, I have gone conservative when it comes to Super Hero Movies. I have avoided all MCU movies and the TV shows. With DCEU movies, as they are released sparingly, I am getting my dose of colorful characters without any sensory overload or abundance of content.

I don’t expect The Batman to disappoint. Mostly because WB hasn’t made a poor Batman movie since 1997 and I doubt they will ever make another bad Batman movie.

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