The Batman — new trailer — Finally, a true comic book adaptation


At this point, I have pretty much given up on the MCU. Avengers Endgame also ended my josh to watch Marvel Movies. Even with DC movies, there are movies that I dont care about. Shazam or Aquaman, for instance.

I doubt I will watch Black Adam. I dont want to watch one more movie where The Rock is…The Rock.

However, Batman will always be my favorite superhero. The last 24 hours, there has been an avalanche of DC news, but the only movie that matters is the new ‘The Batman’ movie.

The first trailer was more exciting. This trailer is also good. Then again, 2nd trailers are always less satisfying.

First thing first. The visuals and the plots and the scenes look repetitive and recycled from the last batman movies. As of 2021, there have been more than 10 batman movies! In 2022, assuming that covid wont come back with a vengeance, we will get to see three batmans — Battison, BatAffleck and BatKeaton spread across two movies — The Batman and Flash.

It’s an overload of Batman.

The Batman continues the tradition of doing super serious Batman movies that we have been getting since Nolan’s 2005, Batman Begins. I was in college when Batman Begins was released. The first time Bale came onscreen with the full suit, wow. I was blown away. That massive tank Batcar, with Bale’s huge muscles and biceps was like watching Batman come alive.

Batman Begins was a huge deal because, the previous Batman movies and the Batman actors were not exactly like Batman. Batman and Batman Returns had Michael Keaton. Keaton is an amazing actor but he looked…like a guy who works at the bank. An everyday mugger could beat BatKeaton!

However, Batman is more than just muscle, and even today, Keaton is my favorite Batman actor. Tim Burton and Keaton did an amazing job on those two movies. That car scene with the snow where Penguin is making baby name copies…that is the best sequence in the entire Batman Franchise.

After the two super serious, double entendre filled Batman movies, we got fun Batman movies like Batman Forever (with that ass hugging bedsheet wrapped Nicole Kidman scene) and Batman and Robin (bat nipples!!!). I enjoyed them but they are more like parodies of the first two movies.

You cannot watch them without laughing at every scene. Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones were miscast and mislead by the director.

Then, came the three, ultra serious Batman movies from Nolan. To me, Batman Begins is the best of the three. The Dark Knight Rises was a low point. I think, by the third movie, both Nolan and Bale were bored as hell, and simply wanted to get it out of the way, obliging to their contractual commitments.

Batfleck in Batman v Superman, Justice League and Snyder’s Justice League, to me, were awesome. Ben Affleck is tall, massive and really imposing. He looks and feels like Batman. His costume also had that contourness which made all the action scenes feel real. Off costume, Affleck really looks like a Billionaire Playboy who can beat shit up even without the suit on.

It’s too bad, Snyder and DC could not figure out the DCEU, and now, we have a messy DCEU which explains the new, rebooted, Battison!


Matt Reeves is one of those guys who works in the same vein as Nolan. He make super serious movies. Extremely gritty and realistic as available in the Planet of the Apes movies.

Bonus point is that Matt Reeves is not obsessed with obscuring audio and dialogue like Nolan. That means, we can actually hear and understand what people are talking in a Reeves movie. In a Nolan movie, we need to read subtitles constantly.

It makes sense that DC want to continue the gritty feel of Nolan and Snyder. Batman movies have been getting decent praise since 2005, at least for the character portrayal. Nobody wants another Batman and Robin nipple fiasco. Besides, funny Batman is always available for the kids in cartoon shows and Lego movies.

The colorful and kid friendly stuff is already being made and distributed.

Based on all the things — set photos, 3 trailers and the overall casting and such, this Batman looks low budget. Most of the action scenes seem to happen indoors with limited sets. A dirty street here, a lighted club there, and very few explosions. Nothing about the trailer gives the epic feel of Snyder movies. it also appears like the entire movie takes place at night.

Everything is so dark in the movie. I like dark batman visuals, but this is too dark, even for me. The only way to truly enjoy the trailer and the movie is in a dark room. I cannot get away from the weird feeling that Battison looks thin, frail and already worn out.

He is even less intimidating than BatKeaton.

Final Note

All things considered, The Batman looks like it will finally achieve the look and feel of the classic comic books — Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: Dark Victory. I am glad that Penguin finally looks and acts like Penguin and a proper Riddler will be riddling batman with bullets.

I also hope, this means, we will get some more Badman shorts from Pete Holmes.

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