The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It on Prime Video — Diluted Scares

even the movie poster looks unexciting. source.

The Conjuring universe, especially, the main Conjuring movies. They are like detective stories. As usual, anytime a movie says, it is based on true story, I ignore the real world part and treat the media as pure fiction. Makes it easier accept all the fictitious stuff.

So yes, these conjuring movies are like detective stories. The ghost hunting couple, the Warrens, are given with cases involving ghost hunting. They investigate, collect evidence and try to help in any way they can. It almost plays off my fascination with detective fiction.

Of course, I am also easily scared of ghosts. The pandemic has given me daily nightmares, which have only recently reduced in severity. On dark stormy nights, with heavy rains, lightning and thunder, I end up sleeping in the main living room, instead of my bed room. I scare pretty easy, even for a guy in his late 30s.

Unfortunately, the 3rd conjuring movie, barely managed to scare me. I can see why James Wan skipped this one. Got out when he can.

Great Ingredients Poor End Result

homage to Exorcist, I think.

As I watched this slow, dull excuse for a horror movie lumber to its labored ending, I felt bad. Everything that one expects from a Conjuring movie, is here. The actors, without any exception, are all good. The music is good. The dark and light cinematography and camera work is awesome.

The only problem is, the story is just not a horror story. There is nothing scary actually happening. A curse throwing witch is just not as frightening as a ghostly doll or a people controlling poltergeist which is moving things around, banging on walls and freaking kids out.

I want to complain, and I cannot even complain about this movie.

Final Note

The Conjuring Universe has so many movies, but, the main Conjuring movies are the ones that I find very appealing. It’s so sad to see things turn out so ordinary, and hence, boring.

Also, the title is just too long to say. They should have just called it Conjuring 3.

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