The Hard to Explain Appeal of Civilization Games

Itza looks fine.

I was 13 or 15 years old when I played my first civilization game. I think, it was Civilization 3. Now, with Civilization 6, I am almost 40, and I am still playing it.

The real question is, why, am I still playing it?

The idea behind civilization is simple enough. Like most games. You have a world map, like a board game. You take turns to build your empire, one step at a time. You build cities, and then, you build your wonders and improvements.

You have other players, mostly AI.

Occasionally, these AI players will try to fight you. when I was younger, the civilization games were harder, especially, Civilization 3. I remember when, no matter how polite and friendly, you are, somewhere after 1850s, the AI just goes crazy.

she sure looks grumpy.

Back then, you could stack as many units as possible you wanted to on a single tile. All too often, I would see the AI attack me with 100s of tanks and 100s of airplanes.

More importantly, I believe that the civilization game AI is constantly cheating. No matter how meticulously you micromanage, it seems to suffer no consequences from nonstop war, seems to have unlimited resources and unlimited units.

I get that I am not a very good Civ player, but, still, it's fairly obvious the AI is cheating nonstop.

After many years, I resumed playing Civilization again. My weak back has ensured that I cannot play PC games as much as I used to. fortunately, thanks to a ‘friendship’ bonding incident that led me to explore some board games to play with my friend in Finland, I happened to purchase Civilization 6 on iPad.

it’s a starry night alright.

like with so many other games, like Fortnite and apex legends that give the same experience on mobile and PC, Civilization gives the same full-fledged experience on both PC and the iPad and iPhone.

It’s impressive, you know, technology. Especially as age catches on and PC gaming becomes less and less practical for older gamers like me.

All said and done, in all my years, very rarely have I actually won a civilization game, even on easy setting. Occasionally, I will get a ‘space race’ victory, but even that, is a rare event.

Yet, I am always in the mood for, one. more. turn.

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