The incredible HP India Warranty Purchase Drama

The powerful HP Victus

The joy of being an Indian consumer is, we are conditioned to born, live and eventually die whilst experiencing sad, delayed and downtrodden support experience. Even when you are paying thousands of dollars for a computer.

I maintain a journal for everything I do.

September 15th, I recieved my HP Victus machine. I immediately tried to contact support to find out how to extend my warranty. For whatever bizarre reason, HP India has decided to merge a high end HP Victus type desktop with the name of a low end HP Victus laptops!

That means, unlike my previous HP Gaming Desktop, this time, I no longer have a dedicated support line! So much for a premium computer, getting me premium support number.

Eventually, after 2 days of navigating the IVR I spoke to a guy, and another guy, and one more guy, who finally explained that HP has an ‘offer’ to get warranty at reduced prices.

So, lo and behold, I ended up on the warranty site, HP (

Thanks to the unusual way Amazon provides invoices, there was initial confusion from me and also HP about what proof to provide that I am in fact the owner of this computer. A few emails and many days later, we sorted the ownership proof, and I was ready to pay for the extra warranty.

As per my notes, on September 21st, I was allowed the privilege of paying for the extended warranty.

Fun fact: HP is offering 2 years of warranty at only 2499/- rupees. Seriously, that is a very low price. Perhaps that is why support is of such low quality. Still, it’s a low price.

After that, there was silence.

Once again, I started emailing them around October 20th, I think. asking them, when will my warranty actually get activated because, there is no proof that the warranty has been extended to 3 years.

Eventually, after many emails, on November 2nd 2022, the warranty certificate was issued.


Final Note

Ah! The Victus.

My previous HP gaming desktop did not have so much drama. This one time, they sent a HP technician, during the pandemic, to a remote village within a day for repairs.

What happened to you guys? Please fix this. Come on.

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