The Tender Bar on Prime Video — I wasn’t bored nor thrilled

neither dull nor interesting. source

The best thing to say about Tender Bar, is that, it is not boring. It’s not exciting either. It’s like watching milk boil when I am making my morning Nescafe before I start my day.

Or, patting a street dog and watch it wag its tail.

Or, finding a lost 10 bucks in your old jeans that you haven’t washed in a while.

Slice Of Life

good to see the time traveler again

At first, I thought, this movie was some fictional story. The kid without father story where the uncle steps up to teach some cool things. Then, I thought, it was about the value of family. Then, I thought it’s about learning to overcome love failures. Then, I thought, it’s about mothers love and such. Or, about finding inspiration and doing something artistic.

It’s all of those, and also none of those.

Ultimately, the movie simply exists. I looked up the guy’s whom’s story this is. He seems to be an award winning author and all that. However, his story itself appears truly boring. Missing Father…So, what? You got into Yale and you get dumped by the same girl like 8 times. I hope this is not true. I mean, if your confidence so low after Yale, man, I don’t know what to say.

That too in In America, really? Why would you become obsessed with a girl who keeps dumping you. That’s the major conflict of the entire movie. Our hero cannot seem to get over his first virginity stealing girl. That’s what it is. There is no plot twist or drama or shock or nothing.

At the same time, the story moves at a good speed. I like Ben Affleck. He is a good actor, and a very good batman. He plays uncle charlie really well. I did not care for the young actor who plays JR. I have seem him in other movies and he is equally expressionless. He is like the new Keanu Reeves, but without the coolness of Keanu Reeves.

As always, it’s always good to see, the time travel grandpa from Back to The Future.

Final Note

no caption to write.

Ultimately, as the credits rolled, I felt nothing. Nor disappointment that I wasted 2 hours. Nor enlightenment that I experienced something amazing or enlightening.

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