Too many Incoming Requests on Fiverr and Upwork? Solution : Increase your Rates

Of course, that is my own profile on Fiverr.

A good problem to have is too many potential customers wanting to hire you. The problem is, both Fiverr and Upwork, start reducing your ‘response rate’. I found a simple solution.

Some many months ago, I forgot to reply to one interview invitation. It was like 6 months ago. Yet, here is how it looks on my dashboard. Once, I took a day off, and it’s been stuck at a 90 % full bar for months now.

One day, I decided to not log in to Upwork. One day! Come on.

Everyday, I get up, there are like half a dozen requests waiting for me. Some of them actually become my customers. But the problem is, you know, sometimes you are busy. Busy with other clients. Busy with personal stuff. Or perhaps, you are simply enjoying a long weekend by taking a holiday on Friday and also on Monday.

You are freelancer. The whole point of being one is so that you can take a holiday when you want.

Anyway, if you don’t reply, Fiverr starts increasing your ‘average response time’. Same with Upwork. If you don’t reply to your ‘interview’ invitations, they start reducing your response rate (check screenshot above) within 24 hours.

With Fiverr, I had to keep checking my app every few hours. With Upwork, I had to login every 12 hours to keep checking. This wasn’t practical or scalable.

Eventually, I came up with a simpler solution. Just increase my rates. that’s it! Whenever I don’t want anyone to hire me, I just keep the price at 20 % or more than my current market rate.

This way, my profile remains active and visible. And, nobody will contact to hire me, except for the ones who can match my rates.

I work as a full time freelance coding tutor. Hire me at UpWork or Fiverr or Stack Overflow. My personal website is here. Find more of my art at Behance and Unsplash. Also, I have a Podcast about everyday life. And, a 2nd Podcast, where I talk about freelancing.



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Freelance Tutor — Coding, Generative Art and Photoshop. Full Name : Vijayasimha BR