Two Point Campus — Harmless Sarcasm

everything is happy here.

A simple and easy business sim designed for casual play, zero challenges and general amusement. Also, evokes college memories.

I remember hearing about this game in one of the tech news sites. It prompted me to spend a few hours on Two Point Hospital. Fortunately, the Two Point games are included in Xbox Game Pass. If they weren’t, I don’t think I am currently looking to pay for games on a per game basis.

Knights to be.

So, yes, glad that this game is included in the subscription.

The TPC is like any other business sim. You have a scenario; resource limitations and you figure out the math to keep yourself afloat in terms of the game’s currency.

To that effect, the game offers no such challenges. Seriously, the game does not punish for missing goals or for not taking care of your students. They could running around throwing trash and living without a shower for months. The worst thing that will happen is, wait till the end of the year, and fail their exams.

That’s it.

The campus is getting bigger.

That’s part of the charm. The game is supposed to simple and fun. Reminds me of Forza Horizon. You don’t need to be a hard-core gamer. If anything, this is aimed at a casual gamer who has a few hours to spare over the weekend, and wants to jump in, have some fun, collect a few college memories, and get back to work on Monday.

Each campus is a different theme. So, every university you unlock, its a different student appearance. For instance, I ended up training Knights and Chefs. Sometimes you have science being taught right next to the Dragon Pit or something like that.

The campus radio is always funny. So, are the campus announcements. Like all sim games, the entire process gets repetitive fast.

It’s okay though. This is good for some 10 to 20 hours of fun, before you move on to something else.

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