Wayforward Machine from Internet Archive— Coding Tutor’s Perspective

Oh no! Micosoft is no more in 2046

There isn’t a lot of humor in tech world. There are TV shows about doctors, police officers and army folks. Government folks, dancers. Unfortunately, I cannot think of any show or movies about software developers, and of course, coding tutors.

So, when something funny comes along, I like to latch on to it. This week, I ran into Wayforward Machine, a anniversary celebration for Internet Archive. I usually visit that place when I want some open source books or movies or just look at documents.

For example, here is a report on Agriculture Progress in Mysore, my home town, which used to be a Kingdom before 1947.

Holy shit! I am surprised that they are not asking me to turn on the webcam. see for yourself

Today, I visited the website to check out the ‘future machine’. Of course, it is dystopian. To my experiment, I visited the microsoft.com website.

Here is what I saw.

  1. Apparently, Microsoft has ceased to exist, taken over by the monopoly bureau.
  2. Even before I visit the website, I was informed that my internet access has been restricted.
  3. A chat appears, asking me to join the ‘resistance’.
  4. There is a ministry of truth, which has taken down the microsoft website. To protect me from harmful effects.

A lot of this looks insane, but you look around, some version of this already exists. For instance, the online comedy website, http://collegehumor.com/, is not accessible from India. The only way I can enjoy their content is via YouTube.

If tomorrow, YouTube gets blocked, it is simply the way of things.

There is another page, which describes a fictional future history. I remember reading this for movies, but this one is about our world.

Here is a good one. — 2041 Introduction of advertising implants

I want to laugh but our smartphones are essentially ad trackers. The android phone is essentially a data harvesting machine. Why else do you explain the low prices of Android phones, and the impossible to remove Google Apps or any number of extremely popular video games and apps.

I am sure iPhone also collects a ton of data, but may be, less.

Once smartwatches and smart glasses or smart dental tooth or smart lenses or smart something comes, people will wear them 24 X 7. Someone will eventually decide to attach it to their body. You know, tap your forehead to answer a phone call. It can happen.

One more is this — Three additional global tech giants merge as Invicta Capital

I like the name, Invicta Capital. It emphasis the nature of the acquisition, and the total elimination of the ‘tech’ part of the company. It’s three ‘tech giants’ become one big ‘giant’. Similar to the ad implants, this seems feasible to me. Things are already monopolistic in the world, and in tech.

As a coding tutor, every tech product I use is from Microsoft, Apple or Google. All my money goes to these three companies. These are the global tech giants.

Final Note

I have been using tech products since I was 8 years old. I have been using internet since I was 14. I remember the internet being more free when I was younger. The best example is the aforementioned collegehumor.com. It’s a site about some funny videos.

Now, I cannot visit it.

I work as a full time freelance coding tutor. Hire me at UpWork or Fiverr or Stack Overflow. My personal website is here. Find more of my art at Behance and Unsplash.




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