What Succeeds my iPhone XS Max? — 6 — iPhone SE — the 600$ ‘budget’ phone!

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My days of using premium iPhones are over. It could be worse. I could be yearning for an android phone. *Shudders*

This is now the 6th post in my iPhone series. When I started writing this, it was more about reflecting on my money situation. It was extremely bad. I was struggling to make rent and food payments. Then, there was the whole wife abandoning me and taking the kids with her scenario as well.

This is a continuation of my previous post.

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Anyway, now, almost 9 months ago, things have reached a logical conclusion, I suppose. My marriage is definitely dead. 9 months, there was still some hope. So, that’s concluded. Meanwhile, my financial situation has improved, touch wood — gods blessings — clients grace, to the extent that I am living my pre-pandemic lifestyle.

Able to pay rent on time, eat good food, sleep better and buy necessary things.

The iPhone XS Max, is somehow, still working. it’s getting slower and slower. To the point where I fear that it might drop dead any second now. I had to stop using it except for the main phone things. I removed any apps that might make it work harder. Not stress it out.

Gentle usage, as they say.

This week, rather, this month onwards, I am finally taking the bold step of upgrading my gadgets. Many of these things have been pending/postponed for the last 18 months.

Photo by Fausto Sandoval on Unsplash

At last, it was time to retire my iPhone XS Max. Apple India has this trade in option. As it happens with gadgets, the phone has lost almost 80 % of its value.

Then, the question was, what new phone should I buy?

  1. At various points, I felt like I should at least get a proper iPhone 13. or wait, it out for iPhone 14. Then, I heard rumors that iPhone 14 might be a retread of 13.
  2. The ‘Max’ models, although within my purchasing power…no, I simply could not justify the price tag.
  3. I even considered android phones but every model has the same complaints about lagging and slowing down and crashes and restarts. Just cannot live like that.
  4. iPhone SE was recently refreshed with a new processor, and it will get OS updates for a couple of years.
  5. Assuming there are no issues with trade-in, the new iPhone cost me about 350 $. Even if the trade in does not work as expected, it’s still 650 $, which is okay.

So, yeah, that is the story. My days of using premium iPhones are over. Be happy with what I got.

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to using the tiny sized iPhone SE. I will of course be writing about it. Fingers crossed that the trade in goes without a hassle.

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