Why I Spend 2 Hours Every day Answering Student Doubts on Email, Discord and GitHub

Jay (Vijayasimha BR)
The Sanguine Tech Trainer
2 min readMay 12


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I must have interacted with over 15,000 students (no, that’s not a hyperbole) in the last 11 years. and almost every day, somebody from all over the world will message or email me asking a coding doubt or career guidance. and I always reply, without fail.

Growing up in poverty is a significant problem, and it was something that bothered me a lot. And, an ignorant family, unbelievably idiotic parents only made the situation worse.

Then, the usual situation of the school, college and MBA faculty more concerned with their own personal problems more than anything else means, there was almost nobody to guide me or help me with anything.

All through my childhood and adulthood, I told myself that, if it should be possible, I will…

  1. become some kind of a teacher or a tutor
  2. be a very cool sort of guy to learn from
  3. and I will always be there to answer and help any and every student who ever asks my help, within whatever capability that I might have.

It just happens that in 2012, I became a freelancing tutor, and ever since then, I have tried to keep my promise.

So, there is that. I am blogging this because, I want my students, past, present and future, can always reach out to me, and take my help.

and I will respond as long as I practically can.

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