Why Won’t Microsoft Sell Xbox Series X or Sony sell PS5 in India?

Screenshot from my Xbox One S. Forza Horizon 5

It has been over two years now, I think, since the current generation of consoles started their current generation.

Sony, has traditionally been more open about making their products available in India. Yet, this time, they have completely stopped that tradition. You can buy the PS5 controller, and that’s all there is to it.

That’s Sony’s situation.

Microsoft, surprisingly, has had a better show. It’s weird.

Usually it’s Microsoft which ignores Indian market, not Sony. Almost as soon as Xbox Series S was released in US, it made its way to India. Then, it half did the job. Microsoft India was upfront about the marketing, price announcement and all that.

Then, Series S started selling on Amazon India, just fine. It is priced reasonably at roughly 35K. Almost the same price as the previous Xbox One S, before discounts.

I got pumped. Then, that’s it. The product listings stop at that.

The Series X, never showed up on Indian shores. The product listings are there but the item itself never appears in stock. Flipkart is even worse. It has both Series S and Series X out of stock permanently.

Right now, as I type this, I am finally in the market for a new console. My money situation is improving. My current console, Xbox One S, is still running fine, but, I can feel like I am missing out on current gen visual fidelity.

I am playing Forza Horizon 5 on the One S, but, it’s obvious, the game is meant to be played on the new consoles. It’s inevitable that, sooner rather than later, I will be investing in the current generation of consoles and a 4K TV.

Final Note

There are many reasons why I love Apple. One of the main reasons is, their incredible supply chain in India. Products that are released in US, the whole range, customisations and all, become available immediately in India.

Why cannot Microsoft, and Sony, do the same with their consoles? If enough Indians can afford iPhones, there are surely enough Indians who can afford consoles.

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