Xbox Series S now really out of stock in India

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I really want to start enjoying the next gen of gaming, and I keep an eye out for any new stocks of Xbox on Amazon India. Right now, I am spending a lot of time on the Xbox One S and Forza Horizon 4. Right now, there is no single killer game or app on Series S/X so I am not really missing anything.

Originally, I thought I will get the Series X. After watching the Amazon listing for months, it occurred to me, they are never going to sell it in India. I wrote about my thoughts about Series S - Xbox Series S — Best Option For India Console Gamers. Of course, there are the general issues with Xbox — Microsoft India — Surface and Xbox Warranty and Support Shortcomings.

All said and done, I am taking my own advice, and have now decided to get myself a Series S. I will get a decent boost in performance, and also enjoy the super fast SSD loading. The Xbox One S is awesome but the loading times, by god!

Every computer I have is powered by an SSD. So, the Xbox One S remains the last daily used device which is still using old fashioned spinning wheel. I want the SSD goodness.

see the missing price label?

So, there you go. Even the Series S is now missing from the shop. I thought after 3 months, the situation would improve.

Note : You can still buy it though. There is a seller listed, but the seller is clearly not a retailer. Rather a scalper, selling the already inflated Xbox price (due to import duties. I find the Microsoft pricing of the console rather reasonable) with an additional mark up of a 100 dollars.

Update 1

Since I wrote this article and put it in draft, the console came back in stock, and went out of stock, and came back…and went out of stock. The Series X, of course, is never ever in stock, even momentarily. It’s clear that India is just not a priority for console makers, which sort of makes sense.

There are reports of issues with controllers on PS5 and more recently, some minor issues with Xbox Series X/S as well.

For some reason though, the controllers are definitely in stock, sold separately.

GPU and console demand is expected to normalize by end of the year. Further, there is still no “killer app” on the Xbox Series. Most games releasing this year will be available on the Xbox One. I will continue to hold off on upgrading here.

Final Note

Oh well. That’s where we are now. I suppose I will keep enjoying Forza Horizon 4 on Xbox One S.

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