Zen Pinball Party on Apple Arcade — Those Incredible Sounds!

Just like the real thing

You go back to gaming history, Gaming Arcades and Pinball Machines were probably the first time, people got to play games. My home town, Mysore, apparently had its own gaming arcade in the late 80s and early 90s. My mom would tell me stories about how, every time father came to Mysore, he would spend hours at the arcade.

A grown man playing video games is okay now. However, in the 90s, I feel bad for my dad, what people and mom must have thought of him.

Unfortunately, by the time I grew old enough to play games, Arcades were dead in my home town and pretty much everywhere in India. I have never played on a Pinball machine. Luckily, I had access to a computer from a young age. Both Windows 95 and Windows XP, had the super awesome, 3D Pinball for Windows — Space Cadet. I spent hours, playing it. It’s free! Just like Solitaire and Minesweeper.

Note : It’s so sad that due to copyright issues, Space Cadet, will never come to Windows 10.

Thanks to Apple Arcade, I am Pinballing again

Zen Is Zen

One of the classic Mars Table

I have been hearing about Zen Studios and their Pinball tables for quiet some time now. Unfortunately, I never got around to buying them on the PC or Xbox or on my iOS devices. Their table apps are pretty expensive and I could not justify paying for them.

This is the Apple Arcade version, of course. It comes bundled with a few classic tables. There are 4 tables which are Zen Originals. There are 4 tables which are the classic Williams tables. Then, there are 4, I think, new ones. Based on movie properties like Kung Fu Panda and My Little Pony.

I have been spending quiet some time with Pinball, and I am unable to explain what is so fun and addicting about it. I play the classic boards a lot. I like the 80s and 90s themes, the sound effects and the audio voice effects. I am not enjoying the modern, movie based tables. Perhaps, its because I am a 80s/90s kid, I like the classic boards.

Also because, these classic boards remind me of the Space Cadet from Windows XP.

Interesting Visuals and Physics

One of the newer tables. They are less fun but look great

Everything about this game is glorious, loud and beautiful. There are some modern online features. You got the monthly season so you can see where you stand among other players. Of course, there are tables that are modeled after modern properties.

I retain myself to the classic 8 tables of Zen Originals and Williams tables. The presentation of the game is great. It’s proper 3D, with proper physics. Everything just seems to fall in place. The game announcer, the scoring system. All designed to evoke nostalgia.

Every time I finish a game, I want to play one more round.

True Pinball fanatics will love all the complex rules. I don’t really care for it, but each table comes with its own complex rules. For example, there are sequences. You open a gate here, and then, you guide the ball through the gate. Then, you go inside that gate, and strike a chamber and that activates a light, then you hit the light for the high score.

Each board has so many unique rules like this. It’s definitely there for those who want it.

Each time a game gets over, I feel like going on Amazon and order a Pinball machine for myself. Of course, In India, we cannot buy them as they are not available. If I ever end up in US or Europe, the first thing I will do is play on a real life Pinball Machine.

Final Note

Theatre of Magic is my favorite

I have added Pinball Party to my permanent collection on my iPad. These are games that I don’t plan to uninstall, ever. That’s how good it is. Just get it, and go straight for the Williams tables.

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