Zotac India Support Experience — Part Two — It’s Good Man

RTX is back!

My long suffering RTX 3060, which cost me an arm and a leg, is back from repairs!

The last time I wrote about the support experience with Zotac, I was less than impressed. striking a somber note.

Zotac India Support Experience — Part One | by Jay | The Sanguine Tech Trainer | Medium

That was way back in April. Eventually, after a few months, the RTX completely stopped working in July. That is when, I immediately decided to buy a new computer, the intel NUC, another ‘mini’ PC form factor. I seem to have taken a liking for ‘mini’ PCs lately.

Mac Mini M1 or Intel NUC? I went with intel. | by Jay | The Sanguine Tech Trainer | Jul, 2022 | Medium

Eventually, once the heat from my new project with this Australian startup and the tutoring project with a local Indian vendor, reduced a bit, I found time to visit the Zotac repair center in my city.

Yes, it cost a lot of money to visit the repair center, but that’s only because, Bangalore is a huge city. Travelling is expensive. I would not blame that on the repair center. I have been emailing about my RTX with Zotac Support for over 6 months, and it looks like the service center were already updated about my computer problems.

They immediately set up a ‘repair request’. I got this paper based repair document, which was simultaneously updated on their website and also via email.

I was nervous. I have never bought a computer from Zotac or any such ‘hardware seller’. My experience has been with HP and Apple and Dell. I kept praying and praying that it all ends well.

Then, roughly a week later, or perhaps 5 days, I got an email that, the unit is ready for pickup. I sent an email to support, and they informed me that, they were unable to repair my old ‘RTX unit’, so, they have replaced the old unit with a replacement unit.

The GeForce cards always look bad ass.

This was surprising and pleasant to me.

I visited the service center and collected the machine with zero hassle. I also want to add that the female receptionist at the service center was very nice to me, and she had an incredible, memorable smile.

And, now, as I type this, I have had the replacement RTX 3060 machine for 2 days. I have been putting it through the paces. Running multiple high end games at ULTRA settings. So far, it seems to be working just fine.

All in all, I am very happy. Yes, email support is slow. Having to visit the service center, is also a hassle and consumes time and money. Yet, I am supremely pleased.

I am currently thinking of adding one more RTX PC to my home office, and Zotac Magnus ONE is back in consideration.

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