The Caretakers Introduction

Chiorre Belarius Entry #1

This is the Journal of Chiorre Belarius, Chapter Master of The Caretakers. In this journal I will document our current campaign on the mining colony of Sarusma. The locals have detected both Necron and Heretic Astartes activity on the planet, and we have been sent to ensure the saftey of the colonists and eliminating the threats to their operations. This is our first mission as a Successor Chapter, and we are all eager to prove our worth.

Due to the peculiar weather patterns on this planet that are jamming our sensors, we will need to send a small scouting force ahead to determine the strength of our enemy while the majority of our forces work to bolster the defenses of the local settlements. With time we will be able to dedicate more of our forces to the task of eradicating the traitors and xenos, but until then a small detachment lead by Captain Moriar should be able to wreak havoc on whatever the enemy is planning. If nothing else, we will be able to stall their activities long enough to fortify the remaining cities and call for reinforcements.

As such, our current objectives are simply scouting and harrassment. Keep the opponent pinned down as best we can, and learn everything we can about their forces. Once the last of the city defences are done, we’ll be able to start an earnest offensive.


Captain Niccolasa Moriar (Primaris Captain)
Liutenant Arca Vesta (Primaris Lieutenant)
1st Intercessor Squad (5 man squad lead by Sergeant Tuomanni Urrel)
2nd Intercessor Squad (5 man squad lead by Sergeant Faustian Raneil)
1st Outrider Squad (3 man squad led by Sergeant Semartes Furio)



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Dani Kirkham

Dani Kirkham

A writer and storytelling writing about: Mental Health, Video Games, Tabletop Games, Short Stories, all written as blog posts or articles