How to run a silent unconference

How to run your own SilentCamp

With support from GovCampCymru and UKGovCamp we ran an experimental Silent Camp in Cardiff on 18 October. The output of that get together is available in this Google Doc (containing lots of big images).

It was a genuine experiment which can trace its genesis to the Unconference where we learned about unconferences. And the general idea floated back in May 2017.

I was prepared for the conclusion after we ran it for real to be “nice idea but let’s not do it again”. Instead the feedback from participants was much more positive than that. All those who took part would attend a V2 SilentCamp. They gave loads of feedback on how it could be improved.

So we’ve collated that feedback and created a “How To” guide for running a SilentCamp. It’s an early Alpha product. We’d appreciate any feedback on this guide, especially things that are unclear or need clarification.

What we’d really like is for other people to give it a go and feedback on what worked or did not work. It’s published under an open licence so you are free to take and remix the guide as long as you acknowledge the source. We’d love to learn from the real world experience of others so that we can iterate this guide and create something robust for the world.

So please. Check-out the How-to guide on running your own SilentCamp and let us know how we could improve it.

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