If it’s January it must be UKGC

25657_fear_and_loathing_in_las_vegas by Tiago Leonardi used under CC BY 2.0 https://flic.kr/p/fsmo8P

The excitement in Satori Lab HQ is almost tangible.

No that’s wrong. It’s completely tangible.

In fact we’re leaping around the office in excitement.

Actually that’s a total lie. We’re all working remotely.

OK then. The excitement in the Satori Lab Slack workspace is completely tangible. Certainly emoji use is at its highest level since Finland turned 100.

And this is all because on Saturday we’ll be spending our day in London at the annual festival of government, digital, tech, improvement awesomeness that is UKGovCamp.

This is by no means the first time at UKGovCamp for any of us but this one will be a little bit special.

Because we are sponsoring.

Sponsorship and govcamps can have an uneasy relationship. GovCamps tend not to provide the sort of structured environment that marketers like where they can be sure people with budgets will be locked in a room so they can pitch their stuff at them.

We’re not sponsoring because we hope to lock people in a room and pitch our stuff at them. We believe in the govcamp movement. We’ve learned a huge amount from previous UKGovCamps and from other govcamps across the country. We’ve even been involved in organising one or two govcamps ourselves. It’s a fact that The Satori Lab wouldn’t exist in the form it does now without the govcamp community.

We really feel that The Satori Lab is part of the govcamp community in the UK. We’re proud to be part of that community. We’re proud to be able to sponsor this event and we’re super excited about learning amazing things from you all.

And if you would like us to pitch our stuff at you we’d be delighted to do that too. Find us on Twitter Esko, Jo & Ben.