Links for July

This group of links originally appeared in The Satori lab newsletter. We’ve added them here for your delectation and delight. You can sign up for the newsletter here.

Can we improve democracy in Wales?

The Welsh Government wants your thoughts on proposed changes to local government elections in Wales.

And if you are thinking of standing for election. This post on digital campaigning for first-time candidates could be just the ticket.

How well trained are local leaders?

England has recently acquired a suite of “metro mayors” leading some to ask how well trained are local mayors.

Shouldn’t we ask these questions about council leaders and cabinet members too?

How can technology lead to more participation in democratic processes?

It’s a very good question. In Barcelona they are asking all sorts of very good questions.

How different is tech in local government?

Matt Jukes hasn’t worked in local government but he has spent a long time in the UK public service. Now at MySociety.Org he supplies technology to local government.

And his thoughts on how local government approaches technology are well worth reading.

Eight ideas for tackling peak demand in public services

This is full of good sensible ideas.

Design thinking

We really encourage organisations to embed design thinking as a core skill. Designers are trained to think about problems in a particular way.

So this post: The 1,000 Floor Elevator: Why Most Designers Fail Google’s Infamous Interview Design Challenge really appealed to us.

And while we’re at it. We encourage people in organisations to Work in the Open.

A different take on website analytics

A little while ago Ben was experimenting with Twine: a free tool for writing “choose your own adventure” type stories.

Ben used Twine to write this short guide to an aspect of website analytics. Thanks to our friends at CommsCamp it’s been circulating again and people seem to like it. So we thought we’d share it with you.


Lots of people, teams and organisations use metrics. We find that people often struggle to define useful and relevant metrics.

Luckily Ryan Thomas Hewitt from DWP is on hand with some sensible suggestions.

“Why this company with 100 CEOs cannot be stopped” (breathless quote)

We’re interested in helping public services learn how to deliver value in the connected age — not disrupt retail.

Even so Amazon is an interesting company to examine.

This month’s recommended read

It is an extremely easy read. It makes a fluent case for universal basic income, substantial changes to the financial system and labour market reform including global free movement. Worth a read if you’re interested in these sorts of things (and who isn’t)? Buy Utopia for Realists now.

Check out our other recommended reads.

The Satori Lab crew are out and about

Ben and Esko went to CommsCamp in Birmingham (we sponsored). Ben pitched a session on emergency comms which he wrote up here. Ben went to MeasureCamp Cardiff. Esko gave a keynote at the CIH Wales festival.

Esko is looking forward to myData in Finland and Estonia and running one or possibly two unconferences there.
Ben is looking forward to ODCamp in Belfast on 21st and 22nd October.

We are all looking forward to GovCampCymru on 14th October.
The next ticket release is Wednesday 30th August — 12.00 noon