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Platform organisations

We work with organisations to help them learn how to remain relevant in the connected age.

We often find that looking to the world of technology can provide helpful ways to think about organisations. Increasingly we are talking to organisations about the "platform" model.

How timely then to find this post "Elements of the Platform Organization".

Designing workspaces for creativity

We continue to be really interested in research, thinking or experiences with the design of workspaces for knowledge workers. We aren't the only ones as this post from Scriberia on The age of the creative workplace shows.

Design for happy workers

A lot of workplace design is based on making efficient use of (costly) buildings. Which partly explains why ‘cool’ offices don’t always make for a happier workforce.

General Election Innovations

The UK General Election campaign is underway and our good friends at Democracy Club (along with an army of online volunteers) are answering the fundamental questions of "where do I vote?" and "who can I vote for?"

Talking about volunteers

Spontaneous volunteering (people turning up without pre planning to help out at emergencies) is a growing phenomenon and something all public services in the UK need to have a plan for. Here's what you need to know about spontaneous volunteering.

Adventures in geodata

Ben (our Technical Director) is a big fan of OpenStreetMap but we don't always pay attention to him.

Luckily Leigh Dodds has published a nice, clear, guide to why you might care about OpenStreetMap.


Design is a real skill.

It takes years to master.

A blog post cannot make you a designer. But it can help you to not-suck at design.

Web accessibility

When we work with organisations to introduce design thinking we encourage them to start thinking about designing products and services that work for citizens.

Different citizens have different needs. And good design works for all those citizens. That's designing for accessibility.

Why would someone join us?

Because we're awesome.

And so are our clients.

That's the gist of why Ben joined The Satori Lab.

This month's recommended read

A US naval officer charged with leading a nuclear submarine without detailed knowledge of the technical workings of the ship. Turn the Ship Around ! is jammed full of really practical things you can do as a leader to give autonomy to your team.  Buy "Turn the Ship Around!" now on Amazon.

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The Satori Lab crew are out and about

GovCampCymru is returning and it's going to be AWESOME.
Put 14 October 2017 in your diary.

Esko went to the Future of Democracy Hackathon in Helsinki and also to Open GLAM Hackathon. He hasn't stopped talking about them since.

Ben went to CommsCampNorth and will shortly be off to CommsCamp in Birmingham (we're sponsoring... aren't we great?).

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