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Savy is no stranger to young entrepreneurs; our own CEO started Savy at 16! Despite this, I’m always stunned and inspired by young people who start their own businesses — the ability to overcome hurdles and develop a strong sense of self so early on is eye opening. Shannon Kehrer, founder of Hidey Socks, is one such individual. At 19, she envisioned the revolutionary idea behind her company: no show socks! She began cutting out her own socks to wear under flats or high heels. Since finding comfortable socks that don’t show is difficult for many women, Shannon began wondering whether she could produce and sell the socks.

Shannon realized that she would need to start building her credit score to take out a loan and launch her business. Thus, she began a two year process of establishing her credit and developing her product and strategy. She found a vendor and selected the fabric, settling on a spandex, nylon fiber. “It feels like cashmere after washing!” she described. After that, she needed to finalize the design. She went through 25 iterations to perfect the product, taking great care to make sure the ankle strap would be hidden. She eventually developed an affordable product with a sleek, functional design that boasts features like a gel heel and anti-bacterial lining. Meanwhile, at 19, I didn’t even know what credit was!

Shannon found that her greatest challenge stemmed from people being apprehensive of the design, so the next step was promoting the socks. She found a photographer who helped her with video and product photography and leveraged social media to showcase the socks. “I am doing all I can to get Hidey Socks well known because I know it is a product that can help many people in their everyday lives. Hidey Socks came to life because I personally needed a no show sock that would actually work!” Shannon stated. She uses Instagram and Facebook to share pictures of the socks and news of the company. She finds Facebook particularly helpful because she is able to share videos and use Facebook ads. She also makes the most of the Shopify app store. ” I love all of the apps that Shopify has to offer, especially Savy! Savy allows people to communicate with me what they would pay for Hidey Socks. I love that because I get to see what people think about my product and price! I love how simple Savy is to use,” she added.

Shannon’s typical day begins at the gym at 5 am. She goes to work from 8–5, working on Hidey Socks during her lunch break. When she gets home, she works on Hidey Socks and spends time with her fiancé. It’s inspiring to see someone so dedicated to her business. “I feel rewarded by many small milestones, little bits of accomplishment through the whole thing like when I first held my product or when a Facebook ad went well. I feel as accomplished as I can be at this point in the beginning.”

Hidey Socks won’t show under heels/flats!

Hidey Socks has already begun selling in boutiques and at local arts events. Shannon also hopes to expand into workout gear one day. “It has been really rewarding to see something that I designed when I was 19. It was very stressful in the beginning, but it’s an ongoing process.” I’m inspired by Shannon’s dedication and belief in the good her product will do. Unsurprisingly, she mentioned that it’s important for aspiring entrepreneurs to be persistent. She suggests, “if you truly believe in your product then don’t hold back! Where there is a will, there is a way!”

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