The Saxifrage School
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The Saxifrage School

Timothy Freeman Cook

Nov 7, 2013

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The Saxifrage School Prototype

nomadic low-cost courses v1.0



  • Students designed a print piece for our classroom partner, the Sprout Fund. Student products were likely not up to the high design standards of the Sprout Fund and probably will not be used.
  • Constructed a new storage room floor for the Union Project. The end-product was a great success. Students learned a lot in the process and the UP now has a solid floor, free of charge. It took a lot of extra staff time however, and staff wound up doing a lot of the finishing work.
  • Chicken Coop construction. The current carpentry class is building 3 coops that will be distributed to local non-profits (as a gift) or to an individual (as a sale). Construction is complete. Two are going to local, urban non-profit farms.
  • Students are planting $750 worth of perennial fruit trees and bushes at Garfield Farm, in addition to helping construct their new Bioshelter and tend to its first plants.
  • Garfield Farm: Investing $750 in perennial fruit trees and bushes, as well as another $3000+ for an outdoor learning center and improved community meal space in conjunction with their outdoor cob oven.
  • The Union Project: Invested 50+ volunteer hours cleaning and improving the basement space. Investing another $5000+ on renovations to the floor and electrical systems.
  • Voluto Coffee: Investing in a semi-permanent projection setup for use by the shop for public events.


What’s Next?

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