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The Saxifrage School Prototype

nomadic low-cost courses v1.0

“My dream is of a college experience that leaves students with the knowledge they’ll need to live self-sufficiently, no debt to hold them back, foreign language fluency, practical skills, and a highly creative and passionate academic mind…
An experience that takes place in close community, not only with their fellow students, but with their surrounding community. So few colleges succeed in staying connected to their geographic neighbors, but the Saxifrage School will purposefully rely on neighborhood partners for its very existence making it impossible for any divorce.” — December 3, 2009

“No doubt it seems ridiculous, unreasonable, pie-in-the-sky, overly idealistic to propose that students could get a high-quality, very personal undergraduate education at such a low cost. Well, this is the idea; this is the hope.
By owning and operating no buildings, paying low administrative salaries, relying on the wealth of underutilized community resources… I believe the Saxifrage School could reasonably keep tuition costs to around $6000/year per student.” — February 2, 2010




What’s Next?



Writing from the higher education laboratory.

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Timothy Freeman Cook

Product @degreed …was @WeAreLRNG and @sproutfund; Founder of @saxifrageschool ed. laboratory. Part-time farmer. Bikes. Poems.