The 5 Pillars of Enterprise-Grade Cloud Management [Live Webinar]

Register here for Wednesday July 6th at 11am PST | 2pm EST

A Multi-Cloud strategy promises enterprises high speed to market and potential cost savings, but what’s the catch?

If you take a look at almost any of today’s enterprises you’ll find a multi-cloud infrastructure. Different business units adopt cloud for various reasons and a single cloud platform can’t usually answer all of the enterprise’s needs.

A multi-cloud environment whether planned or incidental, creates fragmentation. Enterprises are looking for ways to standardize cloud environments, reduce vendor lock-in and create more portable teams.

To share his insights about the cloud management landscape and how today’s enterprises approach cloud challenges, Scalr CEO & founder Sebastian Stadil will be our special guest on this session! 
Do not miss it: Wednesday July 6th at 11am PST (and if you can’t make it register anyway and we’ll send you the recording).

Tune into this webinar to learn about:
> The core drivers for Enterprise-Grade Cloud Management
> How today’s enterprises are approaching Cloud
> The challenges enterprises face with Multi-Cloud and what they do about them