The Personalities of the Streets of New Brunswick

Downtown New Brunswick (Photo Credit: NJ Spotlight)

New Brunswick, N.J., is home to many things: Rutgers University, fat sandwiches, the birthplace of college football and much more. New Brunswick has a host of things to do and see for a variety of people. For nine months out of the year, New Brunswick is taken over by college students attending Rutgers.

But New Brunswick is also home to two hotels and many major corporations, and the people who work there also enjoy what New Brunswick has to offer.

Walking through New Brunswick, the town changes the further you get away from the college. That much can be seen between two of the main streets, Easton Avenue, or Easton Ave as most call it, and George Street.

“Everyone who lives off-campus lives around Easton Ave so anyone who can go out to the bars goes,” Michelle Thomas said.

(You can listen to the interview and view some images here).

While both of these streets have a variety of bars, the demographic they cater and appeal to are quite different.

“George Street is where you go to meet people who are out of college, working or in graduate school. The people are older, in their mid-late 20s and are not as immature. It is more adult because those are the type of people that go to the bars and clubs in Downtown New Brunswick,” said Eddie Mohammed, an alumnus.

George Street has more upscale restaurants and it caters to a clientele that can afford more “adult” prices and the age demographic is widely different than that of Easton Ave. While both of these streets have a crossover of age demographics, it is very distinct in that Easton Ave hosts a greater degree of college students. That is reflective of the area, which hosts all of the college students in the surrounding area and the prices are lower to accommodate what college students can afford.

From Easton Ave to George Street, a less than five minute walk, the area can completely change as you cross the street. The bars on Easton Ave tend to be more packed, rowdier, cheaper prices, and a younger age demographic. The bars tend to all be the same and are only different from how the bars look and the type of music they play. There are a few bars and restaurants that have their own distinction but they tend to be very theme specific.

On George Street, it changes block to block and there are a variety of themes and settings within each bar and restaurant. From a high-end beer and sports bar to a tequila bar, nightclub, and New Orleans-style place, George Street runs the gambit of what is offered to the patrons there. With two hotels, theaters, and five star restaurants, George Street has shaped to cater to what is offered there and is different than the environment of Easton Ave.

“Easton Avenue is a great place to reminisce, catch-up with old friends, and get some cheap drinks,” said Lee Natale, an alumnus and local resident. “If you are on a budget or broke and still want to go out, Easton Avenue is the place to go.”

If you ever get an opportunity to check out the different places on Easton Ave and George Street, really look around you and take in how different the streets are and what they offer to the area. There is something for everyone and depending what you are in the mood for, you can probably find it on these two streets.

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