My Top Two Articles

With Thousands of Views and Comments

Why did these resonate?

Because I was vulnerable.

I’m always vulnerable, really. Every word I write is from my heart. Even the satire is based on truth and pain. Yet, something in these two articles clicked. It made the readers think.

Could I cheat? Would I cheat?

Or, conversely to those who have hopped on the cheating train, ahhh…finally, someone who understands. Someone who gets it.

No one had written about being faithfully married for 20 years and then stepping out. No one. I read countless articles before publishing. Looking at adultery from every angle.

It was mostly the same old tripe.

“How can you bring your husband back.”

“Make your marriage affair-proof.”

“Why he doesn’t want you?”

Never from the woman’s point of view as the adulterer. Never as the perpetrator. Always the victim.

I was sick of it.

So, I wrote.

Readers felt for me.

“How can you stay in your sexless marriage?”

The level of discourse on cheating was far more nuanced than I expected. It gave me hope. That dead bedrooms and adultery might finally be discussed in a rational manner.

This one is about me getting older and still playing this “game.” I’m cheating and trying to remain attractive, so I can get fucked.

This morning I got from an r/adultery friend, “You can go on forever! Nothing can stop you!”

I chuckled. Well…I can think of something, like getting caught. That will put an end to all of this pretty quickly.

Or will it?

I’ve learned to take back my sexuality. I’m not giving it up so easily now.

I connected with many of you. I am grateful.

“Thanks for the wonderful few minutes you provided, I’m loving it,” wrote one reader.

That is what makes my day — those comments.

The desire for me to share my story and feel like I’m not alone in all of this.

Thank you dear readers.



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