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The Scarlett Letter Has Important News!

We’ve reached 2000 followers today!

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Two thousand followers. Almost a hundred writers since we set up shop.

I’m proud of my adultery empire!

When I started with Medium in May 2020, I didn’t expect it to become what it has. I just wanted a place to publish my work. No one else on The Medium wanted me, that’s for sure.

“This isn’t right for us; check back later with new material,” they wrote, so I started this publication in response to their rejection!

I was Hester Prynne — branded with the scarlett letter. I revealed my own wantonness. My foibles. My affairs. Honest with myself for the first time in forever, it seemed. The pandemic forced me to take action.

I might as well put my writing out there. What have I got to lose? The world is going to shit anyways. Who knows how much time we have left? I’m stuck at home, miserable. The whole world on lockdown.

Deep in the rabbit hole of Reddit’s r/adultery was where I met Teresa J Conway 🧚🏻‍♀️ the year before. I asked her to be part of this, and she said, “of course!” We both knew we couldn’t be the only two wayward women in cyberspace, and that’s where we started.

“There has to be an audience for this!”

Adultery 101.

I knew it had to be called the SCARLETT LETTER.

And the tag line, I thought of in an instant, “All things adultery. Sex out of network. We are terrible and human. So are you.”

Voila, heathens. Now we are, almost two and half years later!

Let’s show the world that cheating isn’t so black and white. It’s all shades of grey in a grey, grey world.

So, dear readers, what has the Scarlett Letter meant to you?

A place to feel less alone? Read salacious content while hiding in the bathroom? A spot on the vast internet that seems to understand “this lifestyle” without judgment? An online community of virtual friends? A site of hope in this “rollercoaster of affairing”? A place to try to understand your lust?

Whatever it may be to you, it’s something special for me. My deviant family. I feel more at home with all of you than anywhere else in my charade of a life.

Tell peeps about the Scarlett Letter! Let’s keep growing. Shall we?



I can only echo what Mona’s said! This has been a wonderful ride so far. Without TSL I don’t think my book would have ever found a home or helped so many people and I’m so grateful for that! Most of all, I love the fans. Without you all, we’d just be two horny chicks wondering what to do next! Thank you so much for all you do!

Yours in lust,




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Adultery 101. Dead Bedrooms. Sex out of network. I am terrible and human. So are you. Editor of The Scarlett Letter | P.S. I Hate You | Sexpressions.