The Time My Mom Asked When I Started Having An Affair

One of a few things I never thought I’d be discussing with my DNA source

Image by Etty Fidele on Unsplash

My family has always been open about sex.

My mother often wandered around our house naked. When people appeared at our door, as was common, the lacy tablecloth became her mumu. We were fortunate enough to be taught that sex was…




All things adultery. Sex out of network. We are terrible and human. So are you.

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Can You Have More than One Twin Flame ??

Śmigus-dyngus!! Today, April 12th, is Dyngus Day. Prepare Thy Pussy Willow Switches!

Maybe that’s why you are facing conflicts while having conversations!!


Come with a Warning Label

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Jennifer McDougall

Jennifer McDougall

You want me to WHAT?!? Okay... Editor, Doctor Funny. Satirical takes on all that life chucks my way.

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