Burn fierce, burn bright

Crimson like full lusty lips, beckoning you into a kiss. The flame of passion.

Electric blue like the roar of a blowtorch, the crackle and snap of lightning sparks. The flame of drive.

Clear like open air, shimmering on a hot summers day. The flame of spirit.

White like a melded rainbow, colours melted together into searing snow. The flame of hope.

Yellow like gilt leaf wrought defiant on crisp white page, glowing against. The flame of optimism.

Cherry red like the core of a star, the roaring celestial furnace. The flame of strength.

Blood red like the torrential force pumping through your veins, the rush of power and vitality. The flame of life.

Pink like petals on the most delicate of roses, wafer thin and dancing to the breeze. The flame of love.

Crimson, Electric blue, Clear, White, Yellow, Cherry red, Blood red, Pink.

These are the flames.

Passion, drive, spirit, hope, optimism, strength, life, love.

These are your flames.

Let them burn bright.

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