By NikNik

Image by Kalen Bloodstone CC3.0

I try so hard to create positive poems
Surrounded by pain, although you don’t know em.
Morbid tales of reality without God,
Sun shines upon darkness so odd.
I stay positive when with my pen, I create,
Never knowing the words of it’s fate!
Trying to spread joy amidst sorrow 
Meditating on futures of tomorrow.

Try so hard to create words for youth,
As spirits guide me to share the harsh truth. 
Nothing is never, ever, really certain, 
Spirits take over souls behind curtains!
Putting pen to this paper, I write, 
Letting words help a battle I fight! 
Poetry that flows free is a must,
For as poets, pens and pads we can trust!

“Fate of A Poem” was created on a day that I was watching the news, while dealing with some hardships of my own. It took about 20 minutes to write as the words flowed out of my pen with a sense of urgency.
Fate of A Poem explains how sometimes the heart will connect to the mind absorbing a subtle energy that guides you to write about certain things that we need to be aware of. A poet may want to write about peace & love, but as soon as he picks up a pen, the heart will ultimately have the last say in the Fate of A Poem.
Born in Terre Haute, Indiana, I’ve lived in many different states. The corruption in politics, the disloyalty among lovers, and the high drug use have triggered an extreme social unrest globally. I’ve been writing since I was 9, my passion for words continues to allow me to share knowledge, hope, and peace to many who continue to feel alone or lost in these crazy times. I write with my heart & soul, so my goal is to bring a sense of relief to the hearts and souls of others