“Flower named ‘Ukraine’: in the middle there are people like gold”

Art By Helgána Shyshkina-Rybalskaya

I am a painter who was born in Eastern Europe, but was famous in the free world. I am as it were on the border between two worlds. This allowed me to take the best of both worlds and create my own painting style, which I called “CONTR-temporary art”. I even wrote an art manifesto, but it is only available on a Russian-language site. My paintings are created by expensive paints of Italian production (luxury category). It involved a simple acrylic, acrylic bright fluorescent (glow under UV light) and acrylic phosphorescent (glow in the dark after targeting electric light). Therefore, the owners of my paintings often turn off the light to entertain their guests. And — of course — the great Russian artist Ivan Shishkin is my ancestor. My paintings are also very good, but when it comes to price, then my paintings is cheaper — at the present time. I have the best job in the world: I can recreate the lost beauty of our planet that is destroyed, and can create New Worlds.
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