Page 11 of the Salutatory Issue

Goat’s Foreword: Scene & Heard Salutatory Issue in Print

Hello Goat-Goodbye Kitty


Dear Sentients,

I am Goat, the Editor-In-Chief of Scene & Heard. The Creator and Directing Editor, my alter-ego, has directed me to write this page as a formal introduction.

I am not one for formalities, however, given the salutatory nature of the request, I goat to give due homage.

I suppose at this point you will want to know what qualifies me to be bestowed with the status of Editor-In-Chief of SNH.

Aside from a certain and cheeky je ne sais quoi, no one really knows, least of all me.

I leave it to you, our readers and contributors, to decide just how worthy this old Goat is.

That said, I can pledge that I will do the ‘goat-head’ its deserved justice.
It is a position that I have taken to heart and embraced with all four hooves.

Quite behooving if you ask me.

Having spent endless hours head-butting (brain-storming), horn-locking, jazzing and planning the journey of SNH, we have now finally arrived at our first checkpoint, an inaugural milestone to be cheered and cherished.

We could not have done what we have done without the support and encouragement of all our artists, writers and well-wishers.

Not forgetting the start-up team of 1, 2, 3, marvellous humans. The collective effort is manifested right here within these pages — which are drenched in thousands upon thousands of colours and words woven into individual pieces of art.

Without further ado, all of us — the tribe of Scene & Heard — are stoked to present the world with our salutatory issue print publication.

It is quite literally unique and stunning in every way.

No doubt you, too, will see the sheer love and dedication that these pages have been imbued with.

Finally, I’d like you all to know this: I enjoy receiving and writing letters…consider this an open invitation to write to me for any reason at all.

Now, I respectfully take your leave, to allow you to enjoy the pages that follow.
Find a comfortable tavern chair and prepare yourself for a magical read.

Yours most formally,