When a night liquidates a day,

A sinful cloud plasters its Sun,

When ticklish bonds fade away

To make every assemblage a ruin;

Despair sits like a gloomy owl,

If your destiny becomes your foes,

Hateful thoughts enwrap thy soul

With bowed head and lowered eyes;

If no one quaffs thy soulful drop,

Say yoo-hoo in the pipe named Hope;

All treasures can be taken away

But can’t rob thy pally hope,

Although a hundred universes have sway

But all thy heart makes its scope;

Hope, perches in like a kite,

Only sings when you cried,

If there is dearth of light

Its gold mine dug in thy yard;

After a wailful black night

Day break wondrously clear bright;

But soar not too high, skies are tall,

As the stormy clouds are near,

They press you back for a great fall

Remember, when hope falls no one hears

The stocky ruin is within to clear,

If running out of hope, you borrow,

It is a timid friend, cruel in his fear,

Intimate thy sorrow, deliver a new morrow

Every bough waits bloom to bring,

Hope gives you chance of second spring

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