By NikNik

The spirits that play, never stay long 
Linger enough ‘til something goes wrong 
So many souls, so little time 
Creating confusion, delusions, and grime 
People get hateful, smiles turn into grins 
Eyes lose their shine, greed slowly drips in 
Looking around, your friends aren’t the same 
Spirits get bored, their souls they have claimed!

Spirits that play, never stay long 
Lusting for fun, you dance to their song 
So little time, and you don’t have a clue 
As you flirt with the devil, just what he will do 
Chaotic eyes stare back from the mirror 
You adapt to the crowd, thoughts get unclear

The spirits that play, never stay long 
Right on your tail, as your life moves on 
Wicked schemes, empty dreams got you so high 
Not accomplishing a thing, time passes you by 
Spirits get bored from the souls they have claimed 
Idle mind, devil’s workshop is the name of this game!

An Idle mind is the devils workshop as the saying goes. It opens “doorways” for spirits, allowing thoughts of cheap thrills, self-doubt and self gratification just to name a few. I am a firm believer in the unseen world, observing faces of people (wealthy and poor) go from vibrant energy to dark misery. “IDLE MINDS” gives a brief, poetical yet comical spin on human life today. I think it’s safe to say that a majority of the world out here knows someone who is doing well in life, but the next day you can’t quite put your finger on why your dear friend seems like a stranger. Or why they just don’t seem the same. When a pathway of happiness and peace opens up, their will surely be an “unseen” obstacle to throw things off sometimes. An overactive imagination makes it easy to visualize the shadows of darkness waiting to pull on the coattails of happy people, ruining life after life. 
Poems message: the flesh is weak, and as human beings, it’s time to seek more wisdom.