Modern Life

Oct 10, 2017 · 1 min read

I touched her softly,
But her face melted away.
Wax figures walking all around.

I glanced at them,
But their empty eyes didn’t notice.
Plastic feelings, trapped deep within.

I called her name,
But no one responded.
Wax and wires, their main compounds.

I was lost among them,
In the museum of life.
Melting the years away, with candlelight.

I touched her again,
She completely fell apart.
Wires were all that was left.

I was inspired by a song named “Wax and wires” to write a poem about my view on modern life. I fell in love with that expression “Wax and wires” and I thought it’s a perfect description of people trapped in daily routine (most of the people in these modern times). However, I think every reader should interpret this poem however they like.-Haris-


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