“NeverRaven” Of Milk & Guns Series

Album Cover Dedication| “NeverRaven”-Milk & Guns| Roman Twister| The Scene & Heard Online July 15th 2017|

This is 9 and final of a series of 9 art-works are dedicated to underground world, as cover art for music albums. 
All the images are stories about a special mood, tune and feeling.

Iwork with Russian musicians, I love their music and want to gift them with more style and vibe through my visual in my work. I think in Western culture I can be a relevant and valuable artist too.

Icreated Project MILK & GUNS in different designs & styles, because I do not know what the musicians are thinking and feeling, when writing and playing their songs. I know if our moods are the same, then they get quality art, or if they cannot express their feelings, the musicians can take my work and perhaps find their ideas and strength of expression through the visuals I have created.

P.S. Sorry for my english :)

From Roman Twister with love!