On the Wings of the Wind

By Brandon Marlon

Cosmic Eye By Itokashi

On the wings of the wind I heard it said
that the testimony of the senses
skims the surface of awareness,
below which lurk depths unfathomed;
that each effluence conveys subcurrents
destined for their hour in the sun;
that time ironizes human conceit,
humbling the insouciant who whistle past cemeteries;
that we must never fear the whelming unknown
but ever renew our existential vocation,
reducing ignorance, limiting the unfamiliar,
until we intuit unmistakable patterns,
till we perceive and discern, against all odds,
a memento of presence amidst absence;
that the only sane philosophers are part-timers,
all others culminating in trammels, raving in asylums;
that dysphoria prompts opportunity,
and myriad realia were only lately unimaginable;
that luck is a trickster impish and dumb,
and progress unhelpful if it but hastens us headlong
over the precipice;
that humankind endures despite staggering ignorance,
in the face of pitiful feebleness;
even the Almighty, some may say,
never proved such valor;
dear friends, all this and more I swear I heard said
on the wings of the wind.